Event Date & Time

1st of March 2017

Event Location

Factory 010,Maashaven Zuidzijde 1-2, 3081 AE Rotterdam


Wednesday 1st of March, it would seem like any ordinary day. However it couldn’t be further from the truth. The instant you awake and open your eyes in the morning you feel it. An itch you can’t place, a rhythm you can’t stop. It’s 9 in the evening, you feel the beat so strongly you can almost taste it. Half past 9, you make your way to the Aula where the bus is already awaiting your arrival. Everything starts tingling. No surprise since the best party of the year is about start… Mechnificent 2017! This year not one, but two stages will get their roofs blown off. Sore feet from non-stop dancing? Take a break in our VIP lounge whilst enjoying a pitcher of your favorite mix drink. Suddenly savagely hungry? Go for a quick snack at our ‘happenbar’. All in all if you can dream it, we got it! So hurry up and buy your ticket now!!!


Factory 010

The Maashaven in Rotterdam was mainly used for grain trade and storage. In 1910 the Maassilo was constructed to store more than 20.000 tons of grain. From the outside it may look gigantic and grim. However from the inside it is still easily recognizable as a grain silo. Of course it has been completely renovated and redecorated to serve its current function as an event location. The authentic character of the building still remains through countless elements such as thick concrete pillars, numerous silo funnels and old machinery. This in combination with concrete floors and bars strongly breath out a RAW and INDUSTRIAL atmosphere. Factory 010 combines this strong ambiance with a terrific view of Rotterdam, it’s the name of the 10th floor of the silo and the stage of Mechnificent 2017: Lift Up!




During the entire evening free shuttle busses will drive you from the Aula right to the doorstep of Factory 010. Bus rides start at 21:30 and go on till 05:30. Doors close at 01:00 so don’t be late!


You can safely store all your belongings in lockers. Lockers will cost you 3 euro’s. There is also a deposit of 10 euro’s required. The deposit will be returned to you when you hand in your key upon departure.


We don’t accept cash, so please be advised and bring your bankcard with you.


During the party the second stage will also house a lounge. Here you can take a break and enjoy your favorite mixdrink.

Aftermovie 2016



Genre: Party music

Vriendje van Ferry

Genre: 80’s, Disco, Italo en House

Rave van Fortuin

Genre: Party music



















– Entry only with student card. If you don't have a student card you need someone with a student card to introduce you. max 3 introductions per card.
– Smoking inside is prohibited
– Doors are open from 22:00 till 01:00
– Drug usage and dealing is prohibited
– 18+ minimal age for entry. When in doubt we reserve the right to deny entry. Visitors need to be able do identify themselves at all times.
– Any evidence of irregularities (such as false tickets, attempts to climb over fences etc.) will be reported to the police.
– When entering the festival grounds visitors may be randomly inspected.
– It is forbidden to bring the following with you: drinks, food, glass, plastic bottles, cans, drugs, (fire) weapons, dangerous objects and professional photographic, film and other recording equipment. Professional photographic equipment means cameras with interchangeable lenses.
– Digital cameras and camera phones allowed inside. Not allowed to bring (digital) video cameras / camcorders and other (sound) recording devices.
– Pets are not allowed. On display of a ticket the HJ may be granted access inside.
– Purchased tickets cannot be returned.
– The program is subject to change.
– Visitors are required to follow the rules and commands of the (security) personnel.
– Visiting the festival is at your own risk.
– It is not allowed to distribute flyers, hang posters or post stickers.
– Leeghwater is in no way liable for any damage to visitors and / or property of visitors.


Event Location

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    Maashaven Zuidzijde 2
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